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Tools to keep you safe.

Sanitization Services

In an ever changing world we must grow with the times. With ISSA training we can help your playground space stay sanitized against SARS and the Covid virus with BSCAI trained members.

Our process uses a bio safe non bleach based sanitization process which is non toxic through the atomization process. This is non harmful to plants, animals, people, plastics, stained, epoxy, powder coated, and metal surfaces, allowing safe play within 5 minutes after applying the treatment.

Our system provides a stream of atomized cleaning solution distributed by backpack sprayer for the maximum coverage without any runs or under coated areas. Unlike bleach based products, this EPA registered product for use in surface eating areas as well.

We can work out plans for your classrooms, school bus fleet, cafeterias, parks, playground and playground equipment, and much more. Safe on almost all surfaces. Adjustments to price range on area and frequency.

We are licensed, certified, FBI background checked, With our own insurance policy ready to serve you at no risk to yourselves.

Drone Footage

With help from my DJI drone I can assist in aerial surveys, Facebook overhead pictures, can investigate any overhead issues and more.



We have worked with insurance companies as an independent contractor to assess playgrounds in question. Being such a specific area of expertise, we can assist in making sure everything is within compliance standards.

High and Low Frequency


No matter the inspection type we are here to help. If you need eyes on a playground to see if anything pops out. Or you need all areas tested for head entrapment, strangulation hazards, fall attenuation for minimum surfacing standards, and more. We can help.


Play Area Management Program

We have partnered with a leading cloud based play area software company.  We offer a program to keep track of anything you find important to your park, playground, daycare, church, place of worship, and even in your neighborhood HOA. This is a cloud based service that allows you to keep all of your important paperwork at your fingertips at all times. Keep all insurance files together, keep purchases, repairs, or anything you want filed for easy ways to find anything at any time.

Playground Sales

if you are interested in buying a commercial playground, we can help with any of your needs.  We can create the next destination location for you while keeping things safe with proper use zone placement and proper safety surfacing. We offer site inspections for layout and free CAD drawings and designs to see your ideas come to life before you make that buying decision!



Once an inspection is made, if you would like to buy items to service your own equipment to make sure areas stay safe we will offer a one stop shop for an entire inspection kit. No more searching for all the products among a number of sites.

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